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Diva Shaggy

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Rugs have been in existence since the 5th century B.C., and over time have been transformed in terms of their manufacture and design. Rugs were initially used as wall decor and it is only since the advent of hardwearing fibres that rugs have become widely available as floor coverings. Traditional Eastern designs were commonly seen on early floor rugs. However, these rugs were not favoured by homeowners preferring modern interiors. The introduction of manmade fibres aided rug designers in becoming more adventurous with their designs and hence helped them to create rugs that appealed to those with contemporary tastes and preferences. As soon as colour fast technologies were brought onto the market, bright colours were introduced into the palette and attractive rugs were able to be offered.

In today's day and age, imagination knows no bounds when it comes to the creation of modern rugs. As far as colours go, modern rugs are designed to be bold and captivating, a stark comparison to their subdued, traditional counterparts. Contemporary rugs are designed to attract attention, and as such may feature intricate lines and patterns and unusual optical illusions. Such is the wide range of colourways available for rugs, homeowners can choose modern rugs that match their room decor or choice of floor covering. Dark coloured rugs can be chosen for areas of heavy traffic areas, while lighter coloured rugs can be chosen for rooms in which softer looks are required.

With regards to shapes and styles, modern rugs UK offer considerably more variety than traditional rugs. Modern rugs can be found in square, oval, rectangular, round, contoured and ridged shapes. On some modern rugs, accents, such as tassels and fringes, can be found sewn into the corners, and sequins can be glued or sewn onto the surface to enhance decorative appeal. Traditional rugs tend to be plain, rectangular and lacking in accessories and therefore differ in style to today's modern rugs.

Many modern rugs are a result of lateral thinking by interior designers and they can be used in creative ways, helping to inject a specific style into a room. In rooms in which the furniture makes clever use of shape and form, geometric patterned rugs can prove to be the ideal complement, while in rooms that are homely and warm, textured circular rugs can round off the look. For those desiring to instill style into the home, modern style rugs that have been fashioned into an "X" shape can make for eye-catching centrepieces, while those with a love for nostalgia can use retro patterned rugs in the home.

Unlike traditional rugs, modern rugs benefit from a wide range of chemical treatments. This enables them to be fireproof, dust proof, hypoallergenic and even water repellent, all while remaining comfortable and durable. Modern manufacturing methods enable previously expensive rugs, such as carved pile rugs, to be easily accessible to those shopping on a budget. Modern style rugs range significantly in price and this means that there are rugs to suit all budgets and tastes.